- to raise students’ performances in the English subject and develop their potentials

- to develop an ever-improving capability to use English for communicating and learning

- to foster a reading culture among the students

- to establish a pleasurable learning environment through various learning activities and assignments



School-based curriculum

J.1-J.3 Phonics Curriculum
-to enhance students’ recognition of the English letter-sound relationship and teach students to apply their knowledge in reading and spelling

-to enable students to tackle the pronunciation of unfamiliar words by using systematic and straight-forward strategies


J.1 Shared Reading

- fiction and non-fiction readers are selected to arouse students’ interest in reading

- Reading to Learn: Interesting activities for groups and individuals are designed to extend students’ learning 

- lessons are co-taught by a native English teacher and a local teacher


J.2-J.3 Guided Reading Programme

- lessons are co-taught by a native English teacher and a local teacher

- students participate in reading activities in small groups to cater for different learning needs

- teachers guide students as they read, talk, and think their way through a text. Through reading with their teacher, students feel more confident in asking and answering questions to improve their understanding. 

The aims are:
- to increase student’s ability and confidence in reading
- to establish the fundamental skills necessary for proficient and independent reading
- to build fluency, expand vocabulary knowledge and improve attention to detail
- to develop reading comprehension skills

- Post-reading activities or worksheets are designed for consolidation


J.4-J.6 Reading Curriculum

- small class teaching in which lessons are co-taught by two native English teachers and a local teacher

- to guide students to read fluently and with good understanding 

- to improve students’ ability in using a range of reading strategies that will enable them to deeper comprehend the meaning of different text types

- to facilitate discussions to help students learn and allow them to express and explain their ideas about the texts


J.4-J.6 Speaking Curriculum

- teaching materials are designed by our native English teachers

- small class teaching in which lessons are co-taught by two native English teachers and a local teacher

- lessons are designed to enhance students’ speaking and listening ability through engaging them in interesting and meaningful activities

- lessons aim to improve students’ confidence in presenting their work in front of teachers, peers and parents


School-based Learning Materials

- various kinds of school-based learning materials are designed to cater for the learning needs of our students, and to extend their learning

- for example, Tiered WS, Reading across Curriculum modules, Reading Comprehension WS, Language Use WS, tasks on positivity, Reading WS and Vocabulary Lists

Professional Support for Improvements


2022-2024 NET Section Glocalisation Project

- we are joining NET Section’s Glocalisation: Developing Students’ Language and Intercultural Competence through a Multicultural Language Arts Programme in KS2

- students explore the links between language and culture, and foster their intercultural understanding and develop their awareness of becoming a global citizen

- students’ literacy skills, positive values and intercultural competence are developed


2022-2024 QSIP School-based Professional Support

- we joined the QSIP School-based Professional Support programme of the Chinese University of Hong Kong to improve the assessment literacy of the English subject

- teachers explored ways to raise learning and teaching effectiveness, and thus to better align teaching and assessment through practic


2022-2024 SCOLAR English Alliance Programmes

- in 2022-2023, our school joined the e-Writing with 21st Century Skills programme where the teachers explored different ways to develop students’ writing competence through self-regulated writing strategies and e-Learning resources/tools

- our students got various awards, including the championship in the eBook writing competition


- in 2023-2024, we are joining the Learning English with Drama Fun programme to further improve our curriculum


Developing Students’ Potentials


Enrichment Learning Tasks

- enrichment tasks and activities are designed to extend the learning and unleash the potentials of the elite classes in J.5 and J.6


English Drama Class

- to train students to perform English dramas

- to encourage students to create their own dialogues and put themselves in the role of the characters

- to participate in drama competitions



Writing Class

- lessons are planned and taught by a native English teacher

- the aim is to activate students’ interest in poetry and different text types and help to develop their potential in writing

- students acquire a wide vocabulary and an understanding of grammar for writing
- they learn how to write clearly, accurately, and coherently, adapting their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audience

- selected poems and writings will be entered in a variety of competitions, such as the Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Award

English Puppetry Team

- students join some workshops to learn to select a story, write a script, design and make puppets and props, and apply puppetry skills in their performance

- students join The Story to Stage Puppetry Competition held by the NET Section of the Education Bureau



English Debate Team

- to develop students’ critical thinking skills

- to improve students’ speaking skills as well as their quick-thinking skills, and build their confidence

- to join different debate competitions (e.g. HKSSDC and UNSDGs)


English Ambassadors

- J4, J5 and J6 students are selected and trained to be English Ambassadors by the native English teachers. Their job is to chat and play games in English with other students during lunch recess on Day E

- English Ambassadors also help the native English teachers run the English shops and organise the Pooi Kei’s Got Talent competition

Buddy Tutors

- some J4, J5 and J6 students are selected and trained to be Buddy Tutors to help lower form students improve their reading

- they guide some lower form students to read appropriate levelled books twice a week before school



- provide training and performance opportunities for students in storytelling, reading poems, presentations, debate and project work






English Days

- include English morning assemblies, lunchtime activities, and recess ‘Walk and Talks’

- during these days, vocabulary items related to different topics are introduced to students


Language Games on Day E

- various table games and activities are designed and organised by native English teachers for students of all levels to play

- the games are based on the topics and vocabulary introduced in the English assemblies

- students are awarded E-Dollars for participating in a game

- English Ambassadors help to run the games

English Activities Day

- held by the end of the school year for all levels

- various game booths are designed based on the various English assembly topics throughout the year




English Competitions

- provide training for students to take part in drama, debate, writing, speech, public speaking competitions, etc.

Students’ Work

Students' Writing


The Story to Stage Puppetry Competition 2022-2023

Congratulations to our puppetry team for winning the Second Prize in the puppetry competition!  


The 2022-2023 Hong Kong School Drama Festival

Congratulations to our drama team for getting the Award for Outstanding Cooperation and the Award for Outstanding Audio-visual Effects!  Hayley Chan and Vicky Chu also attained the Award for Outstanding Performer.  Well done!


Time To Talk Public Speaking Competition 2021-2022

Well done to both of our teams from J.6 that entered the Time to Talk Public Speaking competition 2021-2022.  Both teams worked so hard to produce excellent public speeches for the competition.  Huge congratulations to Team One (Lai Avis Chak Hang, Yeung Wayne Shing Lam and Yiu Cheuk Fung from J.6 Love) who won 2nd place overall, and congratulations to Team Two (Cheng Cheuk Kiu,

Chung Sum Kiu, Shum Ching Wun and Wong Tsz Shun from J.6 Faith) who came away with a special Merit award.  Well done to all involved.


The 14th English Radio Drama Competition 2021-2022

Congratulations to our writing team for receiving the Merit Award in the radio drama competition!


Pearson Disney Kids Readers Storytelling Vlog Contest 2021-2022

We have won the gold award for the highest number of entries in the Pearson Disney Kids Readers Storytelling Vlog Contest.  Ho Man Hei, Heiley, won the best family interactivity award and was also the 1st runner-up in Blossoming Storytellers.  Li Sung Hin, won the Ingenious Props and Set Award, while Lo Zoe Shu-Yin was the 2nd runner-up in the Budding Storytellers competition.  Congratulations!

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