> Nurture students to take the initiative in learning science.

> Nurture students with exploratory spirit and equip them with problem-solving abilities.

> Build the resource bank in the web and encourage students to use the information so that they can learn independently.



> Use English as a medium of instruction.

> Share the Science topics with General Studies.

> Promote inquiry-based learning through experimental activities, excursions and project learning.

> Chinese medicine school-based curriculum












STEM 生態探索調查

找到鳥! 培基!

A 培基小學位處於半山,被叢林包圍著,校園更擁有一個倚山而建的環保生態園, 因此培基周邊擁有多樣化的物種,很多鳥類常在附近出現,甚至停留覓食。過往幾年,我們記錄了一些鳥類出沒的品種和數量。現在我們將陸續跟大家分享我們的發現,讓同學們也一起探索培基周遭的大自然環境,進一步了解出這區常見鳥類的生態。



  1. 林鳥 / 水鳥
  2. 留鳥 / 侯鳥
  3. 身體的特徵
  4. 群居 / 獨居
  5. 出沒的時間及季節
  6. 鳥類的叫聲
  7. 攝食的類別


如可以,我們可以在一段固定的時間調查牠們出沒的數量, 現在我介紹一下兩種在培基環保生態園常見的鳥類.



Red-whiskered Bulbul

Pycnonotus jocosus

Crested Bulbul


身長約 20 cm



About 20 cm

Dark brown upperparts. Black head, bill and legs, prominent erect crown feather. Red ear-coverts, white cheeks and throat, with black moustachial stripe. Brown upperparts to tail, which is tipped with white. Underparts pale brown with orange red vent. Juvenile lacks red cheeks and has paler red vent. Calls a cheerful “bulbit…bulbit…”.

(資料及相片來源: 香港觀鳥會)



Red-billed Blue Magpie

Urocissa erthroryncha

Blue Magpie


身長約 65 cm



About 65 cm

Conspicuous large bird with extraordinarily long tail.  Black from head to breast, white from crown to nape. Bill, iris and legs are red. Blue above and white below.  Long blue tail tipped white. Calls loudly, a high-pitched ‘chak’ repeated several times. Usually occurs in small groups.

(資料及相片來源: 香港觀鳥會)


培基小學十多位五、六年級學生於康樂及文化事務署、香港觀鳥會合辦的「2019-20香港公園綠色大搜索」比賽中積極參與。本年度共有27組隊伍參與。 恭喜本校 (隊名:紅耳鵯)於比賽中獲得冠軍及最突出雀鳥帽子設計獎。 (隊名:黑領椋鳥)於比賽中獲得優異獎。 (隊名:紅嘴藍鵲)於比賽中獲得最突出雀鳥帽子設計獎。







Science Excursion

Students learnt more knowledge about Science outside the classrooms.

Science Day

Students showed great interest in doing the experiments of Science Day. They worked and cooperated with their classmates happily and enjoyably.

J2 STEM Activity - classification of plants based on the characteristics of stems

Our School Principal – Mr. Ng picked up some photos of plants of our school campus. He forgot the names of plants. He invites all J2 pupils help him to find them out. And hence observe the characteristics of plants to classify them into groups based on their similarities and differences of stems, leaves or other parts of plants.

STEM Science Investigation Activity(Making earmuffs to protect our hearing from noise)

Students investigated which materials have better ability of absorbing sound / soundproofing recorded by tablets and db meters through hands-on and minds-on STEM activities and hence designed the earmuffs to maximize the ability of absorbing sound / soundproofing according to their findings.


學生透過香港公園綠色大搜索比賽加深了對大自然及香港生物多樣性的認識, 提高他們保育大自然的意識。活動中,學生亦提升了他們的組織及與人合作的能力。本校學生代表在2017年度比賽中獲得優異獎。

STEM Science Investigation Activity (Solar Energy Conversion by Solar Panels)

Students investigated which factors affecting the efficiency of conversion of solar energy into electrical energy by solar panels through hands-on and minds-on STEM activities and hence designed the solar panel set-up to maximize the generation of voltages according to their findings.

Inter-School Science Experiment Competition

Through this competition, all the participants actively participated in this activity. They felt interested and eager to win in the competition .

Science Corner

The senior form students who were the winner of the Science Experiment Competition had demonstrated their experiments to the junior form students.

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